Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Cynic's Lament

Every brick I lay upon this wall,
this monument to stupidity,
this Colossus of Ignorance,
is well laid.

I have sewn my eyes shut
and sprinted backwards;
i have plugged my ears
and screamed for help.

As I gaze upon myself,
I decry vanity;
Before each dessert,
I damn the gluttons.

So here I build,
brick by memory by brick,
my fortress of misanthropy,
a refuge of cynicism.

On each brick is your name;
Your breath fills the air,
exhaled words
hiding in the cobwebs.

Though I am alone,
you are always present.
Your picture is the sand in my canteen
when I drink to parch my thirst.

And the cost?
I have paid dearly.
I paid with love given
that I could never return.

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