Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The First Day

I have said many things,
many I regret,
many I wish i could take back
into the recesses of my mind
where darkness fears to tread,
the unholy inner sanctum
of angst and aggression,
a churning sea of black
where thoughts unimaginable
teem together,
a choreographed cacophony
of patriarchal chaos.

And yet, a spark of light
brightens that eternal darkness,
the light of my world,
the salt of my earth.
I was once loved,
and loved once,
have had a lover,
and been called the same.
I have said that meaningless phrase
with all the meaning I could muster—
"I love you"
and I saw it was good;
light from darkness,
morning from evening,
a first day.

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