Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hide and Seek

I thought I saw you once,
floating in the water,
treasure beyond all treasure
stuck for a moment in a tidepool,
held back by a sunken bottle of beer.

One night I heard you speak
lying almost asleep in my tent
as tree limbs cracked and fell,
blown by a silent wind
that carried my name.

I have felt your touch;
it was a cool spring day,
a biting wind whipping into skin
just as the clouds parted,
the sun warming my face.

Over and over I have met you,
but I still don't know your name.
Who could you be
to make me feel insignificant
yet as though I am the whole world?

I have sought you all my life,
and, see, I am searching still.
You cover your face from me,
hidden away in place I can't reach,
a little closer, ever further.

I wonder if you want me to find you at all,
or is this the game we play,
you hide, I seek?
Here, I seek;
I will be here seeking till I see you.

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