Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For The Girl I Sometimes See Who Always Makes Me Laugh

Are you blind?
Does the sun's light return
when it finds your eyes?
Is that why they are always shining?

Or are you stupid?
Is your bright mind dulled
by the facts and figures you consume,
beyond my simple grasp?

Are you a drunkard?
Is that why you are always smiling?
a tipsy little flirt torturing, tantalizing
a barroom of broken hearts behind her?

Are you depressed?
Always a sigh when I leave you,
your glances haunt me;
I see your shoulders sag from afar.

You must be blind
if you cannot see me here, staring at you;
You must be stupid
if you think I could love some feckless tart;
You must be drunk
if you wonder whether I would take your hand;
You must be depressed
since you look at me as though I will never look at you.

Yet blind, stupid,
drunk, or depressed
I would have you,
you and you alone;
darling blond head on my shoulder,
your lusty laugh filling my ear,
pretty lips and sharp tongue
momentarily stalled by mine.

No, dear,
the only ugly thing about you
is though you read this and sigh,
you still won't believe its for you.

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